A culture of philanthropy: paying it forward at BGS


​​Philanthropy is helping to provide access to a Brisbane Grammar School education for outstanding young men from diverse backgrounds, regardless of financial circumstances. This year the Great Hall Society, founded on benevolence, is celebrating 20-years since its inception.

The Society comprises a group of loyal BGS Old Boys and friends of the School who believe in the power of philanthropy. They play an integral role in supporting the School's vision and nurturing future generations of boys by way of a bequest.

The majority of members are motivated to support the needs-based bursary program, funding a talented young boy with the scholastic ability, but not the financial means, to attend BGS. Some Great Hall Society members would not have attended the School themselves, if it was not for bursarial support, and are effectively paying it forward.

An event, to be held in June this year, will recognise these loyal supporters of the School at the Great Hall, the venue adopted as a symbol for the Society. With a performance by the senior vocal sextet to commence the evening, the event will provide a perfect opportunity to acknowledge the history of BGS and its Old Boys, celebrate BGS today and look to the future.

Membership to the Great Hall Society is open to anyone who remembers the School with a gift in their will. If you have any questions about the Great Hall Society or would like to attend an event, please contact Jackie Hartley at Jackie.Hartley@brisbanegrammar.com.