Years 5 and 6 Orientation Program

​​​​Starting at a new school is a significant event in the life of a 10 year old boy. At Brisbane Grammar School our carefully designed Year 5 Orientation Program aims​ to make this a seamless transition by incorporating activities to foster new friendships and to familiarise students with their new surroundings.

Prior to commencing his BGS Journey, students are invited to meet with the Head or Assistant Head of Year 5 and 6 for a casual chat about life at Brisbane Grammar School. During this meeting, we aim to find out about the boy's interests and provide him and his parents the opportunity to ask questions about their new school. In November, all incoming Year 5 students are welcomed to our pre-orientation afternoon where they listen to an address from the Head of Year, meet their Form Tutor and classmates, visit their new classrooms and enjoy afternoon tea together.

The first three days of term 1 are dedicated to activities aimed at familiarising students with the ways of working at BGS, as well as building classroom culture and a sense of community. On day 1, students are welcomed to the School by our Form Seniors and participate in a range of team-building activities led by their Form Tutor. Day 2 is Activities Day, where students continue to participate in fun and engaging activities, including the pool inflatable and ball games, once again aimed at fostering a sense of camaraderie among the cohort. During the Orientation Program, time is spent developing routines, such as effective use of the student journal, transitioning between lessons and moving around the campus. During the week, students are introduced to our e-learning platform, MyGrammar and spend time learning about our School values, traditions and expectations.

Our aim is for all students to feel comfortable within their new environment and to make a confident and enthusiastic start to their BGS Journey. ​