An important tradition


​​​​In early November, Year 8 students completed an important tradition ahead of their graduation from Middle School to Senior School at BGS. The significant step in their BGS journey is movingly captured each year through a special tie ceremony. A rite of passage, the ceremony signifies an important transitional time in the life of a BGS boy, with their growing maturity symbolised in the change of uniform and wearing of the School tie.

Just as it is a cherished moment for the wide-eyed boys to savour, it is a proud moment for the fathers, grandfathers, older brothers or male mentors involved in the presentation. The ongoing role they play in the development of the young man in front of them is recognised and celebrated, as they pass on their wisdom on just how to tie the perfect tie – which is no easy feat for a 13 year-old boy.​

Learning to tie a tie, required as part of the Senior School uniform, emphasises the growing responsibilities of the boys, and the importance of dressing well and taking pride in their uniform.