Q&A with Middle School Teacher Gustav Joshi

How long have you been a teacher and when did you start at BGS?

I have been a teacher for the last eight years — 11 if you count adult teaching and learning (university) as well. I started at BGS in August 2018.

Why were you inspired to become a teacher?

I developed a love for teaching as a child. I had some really fine teachers who motivated me to seek out knowledge and learning. When it was time, the calling came to me and I decided to direct my career towards shaping future generations, as my teachers had done before me.


What do you enjoy most about teaching BGS boys?

The boys at BGS are grounded individuals. Most boys are very motivated and want to excel, yet they are not competitive to the point of jealousy and envy.


How do you make your classroom fun for students?

I talk to my students a lot and I am a big supporter of appropriate puns! It improves a child's ability to use language, leads to more creative and intelligent thinking and is great fun. Visualisations from puns are also excellent memory pegs and the students enjoy them greatly. (In class we refer to them as Mr Joshi's dad jokes - I need practice).


What's your favourite lesson/topic to teach and why?

I love teaching anything related to engineering. Maths and science are the basic components of engineering and I love to teach them both.


How has teaching changed since you started?

Students now have much more of an active role and voice in their learning. This puts the onus of learning back on the students which is a positive development. This engages students to a much higher level than plain lecturing. Student voice is becoming increasingly important and rightly so.


Do you think the way students learn will change over the next decade?

Most definitely! Virtual reality will have a big role to play in differentiating learning to a level suiting each student. It will also present real-life scenarios in palatable forms to enhance the learning experience for students. Differentiated and individualised learning to an even greater extent is the mantra for the future.


What achievement are you most proud of as a teacher?

There are many, but the most recent one is where I worked with a student who was not passing senior maths and got them to a stage where they not only passed S pecialist Mathematics but also got into the course of their choice at university.


If you had to name one thing that sets BGS Middle School apart from other schools, what would it be?

Effective Thinking Cultures (ETC). That framework is a treasure and almost canonical. The strongly treasured and preserved Middle School identity is something that sets BGS apart from other schools. This also has a flow-on effect on the culture of the Middle School which is very collegial and unlike any I have seen so far.