Mother’s Day Morning Tea



Year 5 marks the beginning of a new phase in which parents see their sons begin middle schooling – a significant milestone in their education and a clear transition point in their development. As a parent, key moments such as these are particularly significant, even poignant, as they often prompt a momentary pause in which the passage of time becomes more apparent, and the closures of previous stages in the lives of their sons are made more evident. Special events held during each school year can also give cause for such momentary pause.

Brisbane Grammar School celebrates the special role of mothers in the lives of their sons by hosting an annual Mother's Day Morning Tea. This important event provides the opportunity for our Year 5 boys to consider the crucial role that their mothers play in their lives and express appreciation in a celebration for them. For the boys, having their mums share this special time together is a source of immense pride and excitement.

During this event, mothers join in special classroom activities before sharing morning tea with their sons on the Boarders' Lawn. Shortly eafter, in The Great Hall, a concert is held in their honour, featuring a program including choral performances by the entire Year 5 cohort and the presentation of a special gift to each mother from their son. To the onlooker, the sight of mothers beaming with delight as they watch their sons perform is most heartening. It is in these moments that mothers also sense how the BGS experience is positively influencing their son's development and how far they have come in the short time since they began their BGS journey.​

The Mother's Day Morning Tea is not only a wonderful celebration but an opportunity for that momentary pause in which a son's experience may be reframed. Its precious moments are the source of treasured memories. It is not surprising that the Mother's Day Morning Tea has become a much-anticipated event.

Paul Kenny
Acting Head of Year 5 & 6