eExplore | June 2018 | Public Purpose in the Middle School



Brisbane Grammar School prides itself on providing a broad liberal education with the school values of learning, endeavour, community, respect and leadership at its core. As a middle school we are truly committed to not only fostering the academic progress of our students through developmentally appropriate and rigorous learning opportunities, but also the social, emotional and physical development of each boy through experiences beyond the classroom. Through our Student Wellbeing Curriculum and extracurricular activities, such as public purpose, our boys explore current issues, in turn nurturing important character traits such as empathy and compassion while inspiring them to act.

Central to developing a boy's emotional intelligence and capacity to lead during his journey through the Middle School is the notion of servant leadership – leading by helping others and making positive contributions to the community.  Our Public Purpose Program aims to provide boys a range of rich opportunities to help others and contribute positively to their community. More than 100 Middle School students actively participate in public purpose, learning about different causes and global issues as they journey through each year level.​

Our Year 5 boys work busily throughout the year supporting the RSPCA, participating in events such as the Million Paws Walk, Cupcake Day and by collecting items to donate to help the fight against animal cruelty. Sponsoring a child through World Vision and learning about issues such as poverty and the global food crisis is the focus in Year 6. Our Year 7 public purpose team support the Pyjama Foundation to assist the foster children of Queensland with their literacy and look closely at the issue of child welfare. In Year 8, a group of boys participate in the World Vision Youth Conference, inspiring them to plan for change and to lead initiatives such as the 40 Hour Backpack Challenge across the whole Middle School. In 2017, we were the highest fundraising school in Australia, raising over $50,000 to support this important cause.

In recent times, we have become increasingly aware of world-renowned universities not only valuing academic achievement, but also searching for evidence of global thinking and altruism. Developing the whole child and providing a holistic education is a core component of middle schooling at Brisbane Grammar School and public purpose is just one avenue through which this is achieved.​

Rebecca Campbell
Acting Head of Middle School