Reading in the Middle School



​​A strong reading culture is a feature of the BGS Middle School. Boys are exposed to a variety of reading materials from the moment they arrive. Fiction print books and eBooks, online and printed reference materials, graphic novels and magazines are all made available to them through the Middle School and Centenary Libraries. In addition, a range of engaging activities are run throughout the year to promote reading and support work done in the classrooms.

All Middle School classes visit their library regularly; Years 5 and 6 classes on a weekly basis and Years 7 and 8 fortnightly. These visits are part of the English program and are designed to give boys access to books, new and old, that might appeal to them. Activities are developed by the teacher librarians to complement formal classroom lessons. These regular sessions in the libraries ensure boys always have a book on hand for quiet moments.

In Years 5 and 6 boys access Accelerated Reader as part of the English curriculum. The AR program is designed to target boys' reading levels and improve their reading skills. Boys are rewarded at various stages for their success in AR quizzes and may even be inducted into the BGS Accelerated Reader Hall of Fame.

The School's 150-year anniversary has given boys a unique opportunity to celebrate the milestone by reading. Each class has been challenged to read 150 books within a set time. Books chosen need to fit into specific categories and boys are eagerly making choices and reading widely to satisfy the rules of the challenge.

Boys who love to read can join a book club or become a member of the School's Readers Cup team. Visits to literature festivals provide another avenue for keen readers.

Promotional events such as Book Week, book fairs and author visits support our Middle School reading agenda. Themed weeks are an intrinsic part of reading promotion. A week of lunchtime activities around manga, the Commonwealth Games or Roald Dahl's birthday provide a focus on reading outside the classroom programs.

Vicki Palmer
Teacher Librarian