​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The very existence of Brisbane Grammar School is due to the generosity of early residents who raised sufficient funds to establish Brisbane’s first independent boys’ school. Under the Grammar Schools Act passed by the first Queensland Parliament in 1860, grammar schools could be established in any municipality where residents had subscribed £1,000, to be matched by the State Government. By 1867, subscribers had raised over £1,000 and approval was given for the construction of Brisbane Grammar School.

Since 1869, when Brisbane Grammar School first opened its doors to students, the School’s continued development has been enhanced from generation to generation through the benevolence of a community appreciative of the gift of education. Some families have established scholarships and prizes whilst others have directed their gifts in a variety of ways to benefit the School.

Over the years, the philanthropy of our community has helped the School develop many of its outstanding facilities and programs, including: 

  • the War Memorial Library (1924)
  • a gymnasium (1953)
  • a swimming pool (1954)
  • the Centenary Buildings (1968)
  • music buildings (1981)
  • Northgate Playing Fields complex (1997)
  • Indoor Sports Centre (2000)
  • Centre for Art (2003)
  • the Middle School precinct (2003)
  • The Lilley Centre (2010)
  • Year Group needs-based bursaries (2011).

The enormous goodwill shown by our school family in investing in the School's future is testimony to their faith in the School as educators and the benefits the boys receive from a Brisbane Grammar education.

Advancement and Community Relations

As a member of the Brisbane Grammar School community, you are part of the history of the School. For many generations, our school has been educating students in an atmosphere that fosters a keen spirit, a strong sense of fellowship and an enduring respect for academic achievement.

The Brisbane Grammar School Advancement and Community Relations office was established in August 1992 to raise the funds to further advance the School's ongoing development and to protect it against declining government funding. It assists the School in continuing its rich tradition of helping students in need, providing scholarships, bursaries and extra resources to enhance its broad programs.

Through Advancement and Community Relations, the school family is encouraged to provide funds for much needed projects beyond the normal scope of the School's financial means. Advancement and Community Relations​ has three main programs - an Annual Giving Program including the Australian Sports Foundation, Capital Fundraising Appeals and a bequest program through The Great Hall Society.​

For all enquiries related to development and giving at Grammar, please contact:

​Heather Watson – Executive Director - Advancement and ​Community Relations