Giving Back

​Brisbane Grammar School welcomes opportunities for you, as an Old Boy, to give back to your school, whether as a mentor, coach, career advisor, or simply by sharing your story and history with us. The collective knowledge of the School’s alumni is an invaluable asset to the School and we greatly appreciate any assistance offered or stories shared.

Initiated by former Careers Counsellor Neil Girdham, the School developed a career mentorship program whereby BGS Old Boys are invited to guide our young men as they explore their career dreams and make important career decisions. This flexible program includes opportunities for BGS Old Boys to:

  • visit the School for group seminars

  • engage in telephone conversations with students seeking answers to specific career questions

  • host small group job orientation sessions in the workplace.

If you would like to be involved in any school activities or have a story to share, please contact the Alumni and Community Relations Manager on +61 7 3834 5206 or ​email​