Old Boy Reunions

​​​The BGSOBA Annual Reunion Dinner is the signature event for BGS Old Boys. All Old Boys are encouraged to attend, regardless of milestone year dates.

Peer coordinated reunions are an opportunity for fellowship and friendship. The School is pleased to assist with the coordination of these reunions. Examples include a picnic in the park, cocktail party, sit down lunch or formal dinner.

For more information on coordinating peer-led reunions and events, please see the below guidelines.

For assistance, please contact the Alumni and Community Relations Manager on 07 3834 5206 or oba@brisbanegrammar.com.

We hope you find the following information useful in organising your event.

Milestone Reunion Guidelines:

When organising a milestone reunion, each year group decides on the type of event to host. Over the past few years, events have included cash bars at pubs, ticketed cocktail style events, sit-down dinners and weekend activities. ​

 We suggest the following for Old Boys planning a reunion:

  • Establish a small group to assist with organisation
  • Determine a date and time
  • Decide the type of function
  • Select a venue (we can assist)
  • Determine the cost. Note: the ticket price must cover all costs. The School cannot be liable for any arrears.
  • Set up a Facebook page – we have found this extremely helpful to find Old Boys' we have lost contact with.

BGS will provide support by:

  • Providing a point of contact through the Alumni and Community Relations Manager;
  • Providing a list of Old Boys from your peer year. Note: peer year relates to the year Old Boys finished or were due to finish year 12 or year 12 equivalent;
  • Advising on how to plan and execute a successful reunion including venue ideas, style of function, catering and ticketing;
  • Coordinating a tour of the Spring Hill campus (if required);
  • Coordinating all invoicing and ticketing;
  • Designing and distributing invitations;
  • Promoting events through eNewsletters and social media;
  • Coordinating RSVP's; and
  • Providing name tags.

Details to Note:

  • Due to privacy, the School is unable to send contact information from our database. However, we can contact your peers on behalf of the reunion organisers. It is recommended that searches be undertaken on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Due to the complexities of the school calendar, the demands on possible venues, and the School being a home to our boarding community, the School's venues are only available for selected milestone reunions and are subject to the Headmaster's approval.

  • All financial considerations associated with peer coordinated reunions are the responsibility of the committee formed for the reunion. Brisbane Grammar School will assist with the payment of events; however the ticket price must cover all expected expenses.

  • Brisbane Grammar School does not transfer funds to private bank accounts. If the School collects funds on behalf of a reunion group, then all expenses will need to be paid by the School. Invoices should be in the name “The Board of Trustees of Brisbane Grammar School".

  • Use of the School logo for the reunion is at the School's discretion and must be approved by the BGS Communications Manager prior to the event. Please contact the Alumni and Community Relations Manager for more information on using the BGS brand and the School's style guide.​