Make a Bequest

​​​​​​As part of the Brisbane Grammar School community, you have the power to change lives. After making provisions for your family and other beneficiaries, a bequest is an opportunity for you to make a lasting gift that has a valuable impact on future generations of boys. All gifts, small and large, make a vital contribution.​

The Great Hall Society

The Great Hall Society was established in 1997 to honour the loyalty and generosity of all those who have remembered Brisbane Grammar School with a gift in their will. It acknowledges their pivotal role in contributing to the education of future generations of boys who will attend the School.

The Great Hall was adopted as a symbol for the Society as it holds a special place in the hearts of Old Boys and all members of the BGS community. Steeped in history, the traditions unique to this institution are preserved within its walls and towering rooftop.


If you would like more information on becoming a Great Hall Society member or making a bequest, please contact the Schoo​l for a confidential discussi​on on +61 7 3834 5748​ or email​.​​​