Where to Give


Our Bursary Fund

When established in 1868 under The Grammar Schools Act (passed in Queensland Parliament in 1860) Brisbane Grammar School's specific legislative intent was to be a place of learning open to all. 

Since 1869, the School has a long tradition of providing financial aid to facilitate access to a BGS education. This tradition of providing support to well-rounded students whose families could not otherwise afford a BGS education continues today.

The Board of Trustees has established a goal to increase the School's Bursary Fund from the current level to $20M by 2020. With the principal invested and preserved, the income generated is used to expand fee-assisted access for students.

All donations regardless of size, will make a vital contribution, providing more boys with a life changing opportunity to attend the School.


Our Building Fund

Gifts to the Building Fund are allocated to the enhancement and creation of infrastructure that provides quality and contemporary teaching and learning environments on the School campus.

The BGS Old Boys' Association is currently raising funds to support the restoration of the War Memorial Library. Upgrades to the eastern entrance and paths scheduled to be complete for Remembrance Day 2018 will significantly enhance student access to this revered school space.

Building Fund donati​ons can also support the next significant milestone in the School's masterplan, which is the development of a transformative precinct to integrate the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  The STEAM precinct will position BGS graduates for careers that demand multi-disciplinary skills.

All gifts to the School's Building Fund, regardless of size, make a difference.


Our Library Fund

BGS has three library facilities including the Middle School Library, Centenary Library and the Senior Library in the Lilley Centre, all of which provide interactive opportunities for our boys to learn and thrive.

Your donation to the School's Library Fund helps to provide increased resources in physical, printed, audio-visual and digital formats such as recently purchased Encyclopaedia Britannica resources.

All gifts to the School's Library Fund, regardless of size, make a difference.​


​Australian Sports Foundation (ASF)​

Supporters of BGS sport groups are able to make tax-deductible donations to cover various costs, such as equipment, infrastructure and scholarships associated with the sports at BGS, through the Australian Sports Foundation​

If you would like to donate to a specific sport project that is not listed on our ASF page, please contact Advancement and Community Relations by phone +61 7 3834 5758 or email giving@brisbanegrammar.com to discuss.​


BGS is an affiliate of the Australian
Independent Schools (AIS) USA

The AIS USA Foundation gives Old Boys and the BGS Community who are eligible for US income tax, the opportunity to donate in a tax effective way.

For information on how to donate to BGS via the AIS USA Foundation, ​click here.

The AIS USA Foundation complies with US Charity Law and is registered as a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 corporation. Donors to AIS USA Foundation are able to request their gift be allocated to BGS​ and then claim a deduction on their US income tax return.

Our deductible gift recipient (DGR) status means that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for the School's Bursary Fund, Building Fund and Library Fund. Brisbane Grammar School will forward an official receipt to donors f​or taxation purposes. All claims for a tax deduction are subject to being accepted by the Australian Taxation Office, who can be contacted for professional advice if either an individual or business is uncertain of their taxation position.