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    First issue of The School Window

    ​This September 1941 magazine was the first issue of the annual publication School Window by the boys of Brisbane Grammar School. Headmaster George Carson-Cooling wrote the foreword, and its first editor was Lilley gold medallist, Aldolphus Hertzberg, (BGS 1938-1941). The window at the northern end of the Great Hall inspired the title, with an illustration by Edward Martin Hall (BGS 1939-1942) used as the frontispiece to this volume. The first editorial stated the objective of the magazine was to provide the students with 'an outlet for literary aspirations' through their articles and poems. Students' pen and ink sketches accompany the articles.​

    ​Foreword . . .

    It is always interesting to hear the opinions of the young, to understand their point of view, and to watch their strivings for self-expression. Youth is so terribly intense and dogmatic, whether approving or condemning, even though it is often inarticulate and incoherent! Perhaps it is the fault of our system of education that many boys find difficulty in expressing themselves lucidly, either in speech or in writing. They are not lacking in material, and their ideas are surprisingly sane and original; but they often lack the ability to clothes these ideas in fitting language. Anything, therefore, that can help them to acquire that skill is to be encouraged. Such is the function of this magazine. In its pages will be found poetry, prose, wit – not the poetry of Milton, nor the prose of Goldsmith, nor the wit of Shaw, but the genuine literary efforts of youth in its varying moods. To it and its successors we of the staff give our blessing and good wishes.

    G. Carson-Cooling,