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    Alan Douglas Groom plaque

    ​There is a fascinating story relating to this small plaque about Old Boy Alan Douglas Groom (BGS 1927-1931). RAF Wing-Commander Groom was captured by the Japanese in Java in 1942, and was repeatedly tortured because he refused to succumb to the enemy. 

    While inside prison, he befriended a Javanese-Communist prisoner, a move that would later save many lives. As the plaque says, 'In the Indonesian unrest at the end of war, by his great courage, he was responsible for ending a massacre'. 

    His friend, the former prisoner, had recognised Groom years later, and persuaded about 2000 Indonesians to stop firing on a small group of Allied troops, which included Groom.

    Group Captain Groom was killed on 23 August 1956 at the age of 43, when the RAF De Havilland Vampire jet fighter he was flying crashed in north Wales.​​