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    Moogerah Outdoor Education Centre

    Following the opening of the Moogerah Outdoor Education Centre at Pepperina Hill by Air Marshall the Honourable Sir Colin Hannah, Governor of Queensland, on 30 May 1976, an astronomical observatory was built in 1982. Improvements were made to the observatory four years later to make tracking stellar objects easier. Students were able to study the practical aspects of astronomy when they viewed the night sky through the telescope.

    Four years later a 15-metre high wooden climbing tower was built, which was the first of its type in Australia. One of the walls is five metres wide with an angle of 75 degrees. Another face is 90 degrees, being nine metres wide at the bottom and tapering to five metres wide at the top. The other two sides are open. On the two timber sides, a variety of small wooden blocks simulate various climbing moves and techniques.