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    Boarders' Lawn

    ​One of the most familiar landmarks at the School, the Boarders' Lawn, is in front of the Roe Building the original boarding house designed by architect Richard Gailey and opened in 1887. Once large areas of gravel with trees on islands of turf, the lawn is now an extensive lawn bordered by hedges. Three trees have been planted here by members of the royal family. Prince Albert, (often referred to as Edward, one of his middle names) and his younger brother, Prince George (later King George V) each planted a Moreton Bay Fig tree on 19 August 1881. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, planted a Queensland Hoop Pine tree on 27 May 1968. The Boarders' Lawn has been a venue for boarders to congregate after class, celebratory milestones and regular events in the School calendar, including Grandparents' Day and Open Day. ​