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    1916 Rugby Honour Cap Winners

    ​This photograph features three 1916 rugby honour cap winners. On the left is Rhodes Scholar Victor Grenning, ‘Best Forward’; Rhodes Scholar Tom Lawton on the right, ‘Best Back’; and in the centre Colin Stewart, ‘Next Best Player’. Tom Lawton, (BGS 1913-1917) was one of the School’s greatest sportsmen, dominating in cricket, tennis, rowing, swimming, and track and field. He went on to play for the Wallabies, and was captain of every test he played. Colin Stewart (BGS 1914-1917) was part of the First rugby side for three years, and a top rowing, and track and field competitor. Victor Grenning (BGS 1913-1917) was a member of the First rugby side for four years and First cricket team for three years, winning the shooting championship in his senior year.​