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    C.B. Lethem Lilley Medal 1869

    This Lilley Medal is one of the first four to be struck by the Sydney Mint in 1869. It was presented to 1869 foundation student Basil Charles Lethem for Latin in February 1870 (prize day being the following year). The gold and silver Lilley Medals, the School’s most prestigious awards, are awarded annually to the Dux of the School and Dux of Year 10. They are named after Sir Charles Lilley. The Lilley Medal includes the School motto Nil sine labore on the obverse, and a depiction of Clio, the muse of history, on the reverse.

    At the School’s opening ceremony at Roma Street on 1 February 1869, the Hon Charles Lilley (later Sir Charles), as Premier and Trustee, announced his intention to endow the gold and silver medals that bear his name.