Clubs and Activities

​In addition to the numerous opportunities available in the sporting and performing arts arenas, the School offers a number of clubs and activities in which boys can participate. Some of these can best be described as co-curricular and support learning taking place as part of classroom academic work, while others are completely out of that realm and offer dedicated enthusiasts an opportunity to further pursue a passion.

These activities are seen as a most worthwhile complement to the rest of the extracurricular program and provide many boys with genuine extension opportunities that they might otherwise not be able to access. Most of these clubs and activities meet regularly throughout the school year and all are supervised by a teacher.​​

Current students and parents can access a full list of the more than 50 BGS clubs and activities by visiting MyGrammar​. This list also includes the relevant coordinator and their contact details. Access via the top horizontal menu on MyGrammar, under Information section.​