Boarding Options

At Brisbane Grammar School we have developed a flexible approach to boarding which reflects the differing needs of our community.

Harlin House is a seven day a week boarding house, with the majority of our boys living in the house as full-time boarders. Most boys will choose to stay in to take full advantage of the excellent academic, pastoral and activities programs. Naturally though, arrangements are flexible and boys can enjoy leave for all or part of most weekends. This can be conveniently organised through our online leave application system, with approval from parents, the Director of Boarding or Head of Residence, and, where appropriate, the host family. Midweek leave for family dinners or special occasions can also easily be arranged.

We also offer short term boarding places for periods ranging from weeks to an entire term. These short term boarding positions often appeal to boys and parents during times of intense school commitment. No commuting time, provision of transport to and from school venues and a nightly program of academic support and enrichment make this an appealing option for families wanting to streamline the competing demands of school life. Rowing families have found this particularly helpful in term 1, although boys across all areas of sport and other extracurricular demands have taken advantage of this flexible boarding option. The short stay option is also used by families is where one or both parents are required to travel (in term time).

Some of our urban families choose boarding as an option for their boys to help streamline a busy school life and to take advantage of our 'gold-standard' boarding programs and other opportunities that come with living in the house. This boarding option is becoming increasingly popular among our school community and many of our boarders have made the move from day boy to boarding student.

For further details regarding the fee structure and specific arrangements of the above options, please contact the Director of Enrolments, Mr Jamie Smith, on 07 3834 5200 or the Director of Boarding, Mr Berian Williams-Jones on 07 3834 5225.‚Äč