The Harlin Household

​​​​The Harlin Household members are a vibrant and energetic team, passionate about the boys’ education  and their care and welfare. Our Director of Boarding, Berrian Williams-Jones​, is usually the first point of contact for parents, while Mr Nick Byron, as Head of Residence, is in charge of the day to day running​ of the House.

House staff

​Berian Williams-Jones 
​Director of Boarding
​Nick Byron
​Head of Residence
Tom Christie
​Activity Coordinator
Greg Tier
​Senior Tutor
Glynis Faucett
Karen Bramley
​​Nurse Manager​

Harlin House has a medical centre within the boarding house that is staffed 24 hours a day through the week. Our laundry staff have the boarders’ clothes washed and available for collection the same day, while our catering staff, together with the school dietician, ensure the boys enjoy a good quality menu full of variety. We also provide early or late meals to fit in with boys’ training schedules.

Glynis Faucett, our housemother, helps the junior boys with their domestic routines. Glynis oversees laundry, shower times and general organisation and  provides a maternal influence for the younger members of the house.

Twelve house t​utors look after the boys throughout the week. Most of these staff are teachers either here at BGS or at local schools. They engage with the boys at a number of levels across sport, music and, of course, academic work.