The Harlin Household

Boarders are cared for by well-qualified and dedicated staff, who are proficient and experienced in the care of adolescent boys in a residential setting.

Our Director of Boarding, Berian Williams-Jones, is a parent's first point of contact, while Head of Residence Nick Byron is responsible for the daily running of the House.

House staff:

  • Director of Boarding: Berian Williams-Jones
  • Head of Residence: Nick Byron
  • Senior Boarding Tutor and Boarding Activities Coordinator: Tom Christie
  • Housemothers: Glynis Faucett and Nicola Seddon
  • Nurse Manager: Karen Bramley
  • Catering Manager: Steve Perrett

In the evenings and on weekends, Boarding Tutors and Residential Tutors look after the boys. Rostered throughout the week, four of the 12 Tutors live in house. Two Academic Enrichment Teachers and 12 Academic Tutors also support boys in their studies.

The boys' recreation program is run by three Activity Tutors who also contribute widely to the community. 

Our housemothers help all the boarders, especially the juniors, with their domestic routines. They oversee laundry, shower times and general organisation, and are a mother figure for the younger members of the house.

Qualified staff attend Harlin House's on-site medical centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Health Centre staff inform parents of immediate and on-going treatments, and routine appointments.

Our Catering Manager and the school dietician ensure the boys enjoy a varied menu. Boys give their feedback through the boarders' Food Committee and an annual survey. The Dining Room provides early or late meals to fit in with boys' schedules, and packed lunches for excursions and off-site activities.