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In pursuit of excellence in boarding
Boarders receive 410+ hours of additional academic support

BGS Boarding equips boys with the resources, structure and support they need to make the most of their educational experience.

The Academic Enrichment program ensures boys plan their tasks and complete evening study in The Lilley Centre. 

Academic Tutors provide advice and guidance and prepare boys for assessment and examinations. BGS teaching staff also support boarding students, running 40-minute specialist sessions.


New $6 million renovations provide each boy with an individual room

The outstanding boarding facilities at BGS reflect our aspiration to be the best school for boys in Australia.

Boys in Years 9 to 12 call Harlin House home, with individual rooms that provide a space to recharge and social areas for communal activity and connection.

Boys in Years 5 to 8 live in Griffith House under the care of two senior staff, creating a tight-knit family environment.

Our leading boarding program is carefully designed with supporting academic and wellbeing programs to enrich each boy’s BGS journey.


Boys living away from home achieve their potential when they feel connected to their school and boarding community. Our Academic and Wellbeing Enrichment programs foster this sense of connection and belonging.

The Wellbeing Enrichment program takes a holistic approach to each boy’s diet, exercise and sleep. A varied and balanced menu, access to the School’s pool and gym, and an emphasis on good routines help boys make healthy decisions.

Tailored after-school activities provide another avenue for connection. Younger boys play games such as handball and touch footy, while older boys learn vocational skills and work on their resume writing in preparation for university. 

Boarders talk in their private rooms


The value of a liberal education cannot be overstated


Leading the pursuit of excellence in Boarding

Director of Boarding Berian Williams-Jones
2021 Australian Boarding Schools Association Premier Leadership Award recipient

Brisbane Grammar School's award-winning Director of Boarding, Mr Berian Williams-Jones, has more than 30 years of experience in boarding schools in the UK and Australia.

Since joining BGS in 2016, Mr Williams-Jones has become an essential part of BGS Boarding, working tirelessly for boarders and their families.

Mr Williams-Jones guided BGS Boarding through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, assisting students, families, teachers and colleagues from other schools. In 2021, he received the Australian Boarding Schools Association Premier Leadership Award.




Led by the very experienced and compassionate Director of Boarding Berian Williams-Jones (aka ‘Mr WJ’) and the team of staff in Harlin and Griffith Houses, we feel at ease knowing that our boy is in good hands.

Helen Lynch
Current Boarding Parent




How do you measure excellence?

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

Graduates pursue their excellence in diverse fields

BGS Boarding talk in their modern, private rooms

Excellent facilities and more than 400 hours of additional academic support for boarders

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

Innovative teaching pedagogy studies validated by The University of Melbourne

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

24 dimensions used to identify, track and support wellbeing to ensure boys are supported and happy


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