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Pursuing excellence at BGS with plenty of cocurricular options


BGS provides diverse opportunities for boys to excel inside and outside the classroom.

The extensive Cocurricular program complements the BGS Academic and Student Wellbeing programs to enhance student outcomes. 

With 97 offerings, the program helps boys develop a sense of confidence in pursuing individual activities and the ability to work cooperatively with others.

Growing minds need active bodies and creative pursuits.


95% participation in two or more sports, activities or performing arts programs


BGS boys are active and engaged throughout their school journey.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse options at BGS and pursue a variety of interests.

The 95% participation rate in two or more cocurricular options speaks to the success of our programs and the nature of BGS boys. It is not uncommon to see the Captain of Rugby playing a violin and joining the Senior Dramatic Production. 

Whether it be in teams, ensembles or productions, boys enhance their social skills and develop leadership qualities.

We were encouraged to be Renaissance men – an ideal I still endeavour to uphold in my life and career.


BGS takes part in every GPS sport and activity


Since Brisbane Grammar School opened in 1869, physical activity has played an important role in developing well-rounded graduates. 

BGS has won many accolades and premierships over the years, and students are regularly selected to represent state and national teams in their chosen disciplines.

The School provides opportunities for boys to play sport at all levels – from the Greater Public Schools' Association (GPS) competition to teams for beginners seeking to learn new skills. 

With a focus on teamwork, commitment, discipline and goal-setting, every boy is encouraged to challenge himself and try something new. 

The School runs a Performance Development program to ensure boys are physically prepared to compete.

The BGS Indoor Sports Centre is a world-class facility, with a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, indoor cricket nets, gymnastics arena and weights training gymnasium.

The BGS Tennis Centre is one of the best school tennis facilities in Australia, and the Rowing program has a dedicated boatshed on the banks of the Brisbane River. 

The School’s Northgate Playing Fields, just 15 minutes from the main BGS campus, provide an exceptional venue for cricket, football and rugby.

BGS has 15 sports 34 music ensembles 3 dramatic productions  45+ clubs and activities




Cultural expression


Cultural activities are part of daily life at Brisbane Grammar School.

All Middle School students study Music, Drama, Art and Design, with extension activities available in each of these subjects for boys with a particular interest or talent to explore their creativity.

Music is the School’s most popular cocurricular activity. From orchestras to bands and vocal ensembles, BGS musicians are committed and accomplished. The School has more than 30 musical groups for musicians of all abilities.

Students can explore visual arts in a well-resourced Art Centre, and benefit from the School's numerous exhibitions, annual Art Show and Artist-in-Residence program.

The School’s Drama Department stages three dramatic productions each year, which never fail to challenge and entertain.

Debating and public speaking are also very popular activities for BGS boys to hone their communication and analytical skills.





Pursue new interests 


From the classroom to after-school clubs and activities, Brisbane Grammar School offers boys opportunities to learn new skills, make friends and have fun.

With more than 45 clubs and activities on offer, boys can explore everything from aviation and photography, to robotics, astronomy, reading, entrepreneurship, martial arts, designing, building and environmental conservation, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Student Reconciliation Group and Gender Respect Project Group offer opportunities for boys to address and overcome emerging social issues. 

Academic clubs are available for boys to improve or advance their skills. Activities such as Future Problem Solvers offer a platform for boys to challenge their creative thinking on an international stage to develop solutions for futuristic scenarios. 

The School has a popular and successful Chess program, with boys competing in both GPS and other interschool competitions.

Whatever a boy’s interest, there is a club or activity enabling him to pursue his passion.




How do you measure excellence?

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

Graduates pursue their excellence in diverse fields

BGS Boarding talk in their modern, private rooms

Excellent facilities and more than 400 hours of additional academic support for boarders

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

Innovative teaching pedagogy studies validated by The University of Melbourne

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

24 dimensions used to identify, track and support wellbeing to ensure boys are supported and happy


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