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Educational Innovation at BGS


Along with nurturing happy students, it is our responsibility as educators to focus on the whole child and to optimise his learning opportunities.

BGS spent more than four years immersed in strategic planning to create and grow our own culture and infrastructure for supporting holistic learner development. 

This approach to thinking and learning, known internally as Effective Thinking Cultures (ETC), is a whole-school project that optimises the learning of each student, regardless of which classroom, subject or year level a boy is in.

ETC is a research-informed and evidence-based approach to curriculum design and the way that we teach in our classrooms. It is focused on building classroom cultures to enhance our students' quality of thinking.

The implementation of ETC is rigorously monitored by a team of specialist BGS staff, and the School's processes have been independently validated by The Centre for Program Evaluation at the University of Melbourne.


Developing self-regulated  thinkers and learners who can solve complex challenges


BGS opens doors to tertiary entrance, the world of work and life beyond the School.

Effective thinking and learning capacities are developed over time through a school-wide culture that prioritises constant and intentional exposure to these skills.

Ultimately, we are aiming to develop skills in our students to prepare them for uncertain futures. They will require creative and critical skills, skills in collaboration and problem solving, and to be able to work in unfamiliar environments. Effective Thinking Cultures seeks to prepare them for that reality.

One of the ways BGS has done this is by introducing daily Consolidation and Preparation time, where students can make sense of their classroom experiences and plan the next steps in their learning.

Having the opportunity to develop and repeat these self-directed strategies in a dedicated, structured period encourages boys to develop productive personal and academic habits.

ETC supports the systematic development of our boys as thinkers and learners who can respond to unanticipated challenges.

Pursuing educational excellence: ETC snapshot





A culture of educational innovation


Innovation and excellence has always been found in BGS people. The inaugural Chairman of the Board of Trustees was Sir Charles Lilley, a former Chief Justice and Premier of Queensland, and the first Headmaster was Reginald Heber Roe, a leading educator in Queensland during the late 19th century.

Trustees and Headmasters who followed have aimed to uphold the legacies of Lilley and Roe, continually seeking innovative ways of teaching and learning for BGS boys.

Most recently, BGS has embarked upon the ambitious STEAM Precinct, which is the largest capital works project in the School's history and will provide students with access to contemporary and technologically rich learning spaces.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) supports a whole-of-brain approach to comprehension and understanding of the real world.

The STEAM Precinct will be a hub of hands-on learning, from artistic and technological exploration to designing, prototyping, 3D printing, complex biological dissections and earth science studies.





A BGS education provides a diverse generation of students with STEAM initiatives that cultivate creative, innovative and effective thinkers. The pursuit of excellence is fostered through student-centred and inclusive programs where students work towards becoming problem solvers, collaborative leaders, autonomous thinkers and aspirational learners.

Tanya Neilsen
Principal Project Officer – STEAM and Related Learning




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