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In Pursuit of Excellence in Teacher Quality
BGS teachers are supported in their instructional practice


BGS teachers are masters of their craft.

Our teachers are experts in instructional practice and committed to building strong learning relationships with students.

Through ongoing evidence gathering, targeted professional learning and collaboration, BGS teachers develop strategies to make informed choices about their teaching practice.

BGS has a team of specially appointed Lead Learners that meet weekly to implement learning plans for all teachers at the School. These Lead Learners provide individual mentoring for teachers, and build a culture of collaborative practice across the School by opening their classroom for teachers to observe their teaching practice.


Two hours  of weekly academic staff development on average


Teachers are the School's most important resource.

BGS facilitates high quality professional learning for all teachers. The School provides an average of two hours of weekly academic staff development across Professional Learning Teams, Teaching Exchanges, Inquiry Teams and other teacher and academic leadership development initiatives.

By supporting teachers' attendance at external conferences and building professional learning periods into timetables, our teachers are guaranteed time to reflect, strategise and improve. 

All BGS teachers are provided an annual teaching development plan to help them refine their practice and improve student outcomes. 

All of my BGS teachers were amazing – their guidance and the important role they played in my academic journey has helped me.




Providing support structures for teachers to pursue their excellence.


Executive Director Educational Innovation Jacqui Zervos leads the Learning Organisation Team, a specialist group responsible for working with staff to improve the School’s Effective Thinking Cultures (ETC) educational practices.

The Learning Organisation Team consists of six roles:

  • Director of Organisational Learning is responsible for researching and evaluating BGS programs and practices. 
  • Director of Learning Programs is responsible for the leadership of ETC curriculum development. 
  • Learning Data Manager is responsible for educational data management and its representation for staff and students. 
  • Special Advisor Educational Improvement is responsible for providing strategic academic advice and mentoring.
  • Director of Teacher Development is responsible for the strategic leadership of professional learning.
  • Head of Learning Analytics is responsible for the leadership of data systems to support learning and improvement.

To close the gap between strategy and implementation, the School employs three pedagogical coaches to provide direct support to Heads of Department. Lead Learners also provide hands-on support for teachers to assist them in implementing the ETC framework. 





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BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

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BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

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