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Procedure for Shutdown

The objective of the BGS Procedure for Shutdown ‚Äčis to ensure parents and guardians know what to do in the event BGS ‚Äčis closed in relation to the COVID-19 issue.

If a member of the BGS community tests positive to COVID-19, the Headmaster or delegate will contact Queensland Health. BGS will then follow Queensland Health directions.

If the School is instructed to close, the following process will be followed:

  • Parents/guardians will receive a text message AND email. The closure information will also be distributed via the BGS App and published on the BGS website COVID-19 Advice page.
  • If the closure directive occurs during school hours, parents/guardians will need to come to the School as directed to collect their sons. In cases where parents are unable to collect their sons in a timely manner as instructed, those remaining students will be supervised until parents/guardians arrive.
  • Students are to take all possessions – including their tablets – home.
  • If the closure directive occurs outside school hours, parents/guardians are to keep their sons at home.
  • Parents/guardians of boarding students will need to implement arrangements to have their sons collected. Additional information will be communicated to boarding parents.
  • The BGS community will be kept updated regularly via email and the COVID-19 Advice page on the BGS website.

Learning will continue remotely following the BGS Curriculum Continuity Plan.

Should a parent, guardian or student test positive to COVID-19 while BGS is closed, please advise the School immediately via or the BGS Health Centre on 07 3834 5222.