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Procedure for Immediate COVID-19 Shutdown

The objective of this procedure is to ensure parents and guardians know what to do in the event BGS is closed due to COVID-19.

If a member of the BGS community tests positive to COVID-19, the School will follow advice from Queensland Health.

If the School is instructed to close, the following process will be followed:

Parents/guardians will receive a text message AND email. The closure information will also be distributed via the BGS App and published on the BGS website COVID-19 Advice page.

  • If the closure directive occurs during school hours, parents/guardians will need to come to the School as directed to collect their sons. Public transport cannot be used by students to return home.
  • Students will be directed via the School’s PA system to collect all possessions – including their tablets – and immediately move to their Tutor Group room (day students) or their boarding house (boarders).
  • The School must receive parent/guardian confirmation that they are waiting at or are nearby the campus to collect their son.
    • Parents/guardians can call, text or email their son to confirm they are ready to pick them up.
    • The student will show the text or email to the Form Tutor, or pass the phone to them if the parent/guardian called. These methods will verify the release of the student from school.
    • If the student does not have a mobile, parents/guardians should email their son’s Form Tutor to confirm they are ready to pick them up. The Form Tutor or boarding staff member will reply to indicate they received the confirmation, and the student will be released from school.
    • Year 12 students who drove to school can leave campus and drive home after being marked off by their Form Tutor.
  • In cases where parents/guardians are unable to collect their sons in a timely manner as instructed, the remaining students will continue to be supervised in a central location until parents/guardians arrive.
  • If the closure directive occurs outside school hours, parents/guardians are to keep their sons at home.

The departure of boarders will be managed by Boarding staff. Additional information will be communicated to boarding parents by the Director of Boarding.

The BGS community will be kept updated regularly via email and the COVID-19 Advice page on the BGS website.

Learning will continue remotely following the BGS Curriculum Continuity Plan. This will be communicated at the appropriate time.

Should a parent, guardian or student test positive to COVID-19, please advise the School immediately via or the BGS Health Centre on 07 3834 5222.