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Response Plan

​​​​Brisbane Grammar School is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our students and staff and is working quickly to respond to the ​evolving COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak.​​

Since January 2020, a team of BGS staff has been responding to the issue. The BGS Crisis Management Team – including representatives from the Senior Leadership Team, Health Services, Risk and Compliance, Boarding, and Communications – continues to examine developments closely. Multiple programs of work are in progress to ensure BGS responds appropriately and effectively.

The Crisis Management Team has developed a school-​wide Response Plan (summarised below) and is updating the School's Business Continuity Plan. ​The team meets regularly to consider any COVID-19 developments and potential impacts on the School community and operations. Updates are provided to the BGS community as new information becomes avai​lable.​​

BGS continues to follow Government advice.

BGS COVID-19 Response Plan

The COVID-19 Response Plan is managed by a Crisis Management Team which includes the Headmaster, the School's Health Professional (Nurse) and leaders of students, boarding, risk, and communications.

Key matters addressed in our COVID-19 Response Plan include:

  • incident response protocols (including isolation, involvement of emergency services and reporting to Government health authorities);
  • detailed checklists for persons presenting with symptoms of COVID-19;
  • specific response and isolation protocols for the boarding house;
  • a designated isolation facility for cases of suspected infections;
  • a crisis management team;
  • communication strategies (for parents, media, senior leadership and Trustees);
  • protocols for cleaning and maintenance staff;
  • leave provisions for isolated staff; and
  • continuity of education for isolated staff and students (minor and major scenarios).​

T​he BGS COVID-19 Response Plan is fluid and is updated in response to pronouncements from relevant authorities, notably Queensland Health, the Public Health Unit, the Department of Education and the World Health Organisation.