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Safeguarding Children Accreditation

Safeguarding children at BGS

At Brisbane Grammar School, our primary responsibility is to provide a safe environment for all children and young people.

We have implemented various measures to ensure the care and protection of children, detailed in our Student Protection and Reporting Policy (along with the Student Safeguarding and Risk Management Strategy) and a Staff Code of Conduct. All BGS staff undergo training in these policies and procedures as part of their induction. As a further commitment to the safety and wellbeing of students, the School has created two brochures: Creating a Safe School Environment Brochure for Visitors and Creating a Safe School Environment Brochure for Occasional Staff including Volunteers which is made available to all visitors and occasional staff at the School which assist in maintaining a safe school environment.

Additionally, the School provides a Student Wellbeing Curriculum to all students, incorporating a 'protective behaviours' course that outlines the steps to be taken if any student encounters an unsafe or concerning situation.

Brisbane Grammar School is proud to have achieved national accreditation from the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) for the Safeguarding Children Program. This accreditation, obtained through a voluntary and independent audit by the ACF, underscores our unwavering commitment to implementing effective policies and procedures for the wellbeing of all children and young people under our care. This commitment requires all staff and volunteers to exemplify and encourage behaviour that safeguards students and children from harm.

The Safeguarding Children Program accreditation is valid for a three-year period from 6 December 2023.