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Light Dark Blue: The Wellbeing Series

The second series of the BGS podcast is titled The Wellbeing Series and is made up of 10 episodes.  

The series takes a deep dive into the significant effort being made in the student wellbeing space as BGS strives to offer a holistic education that goes beyond academics.  We look at the school-wide efforts being made in building respectful, connected and resilient young men who have the skills to overcome adversity and ability to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, as they continue living in a world moving at an unprecedented pace. 

The podcast explains the relevance of the School’s social initiative known as Protect and Connect, which covers three topics; Bullying Prevention, Respectful Relationships and Healthy Sexuality, and Student Leadership Development, and how it is creating a culture of inclusivity, diversity and kindness at BGS.  

Staff and teachers from a range of areas, such as Middle School, Boarding, Cocurricular and Student Services, share their experiences on the importance of teaching the boys about taking care of their mental health and taking care of each other, and how this sets them up for success in a multitude of ways. 

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Ep 5: Student Wellbeing and Technology with Mr Craig Timms, Head of Year 12

As Head of Year, Craig Timms accompanies students on an extraordinary journey supporting the same cohort from Year 9 through to graduation. In this episode, he discusses his experience of working with students as they grow and mature year-on-year, and how the wellbeing programs help navigate challenges, including those posed by technology.

Ep 4: Wellbeing at Moogerah: Building Skills and Connection with Derek Jervis, Director of Outdoor Education

Days kayaking on the lake and nights listening to Dreamtime stories over a campfire, Moogerah provides fond memories for many BGS students. Derek Jervis chats to Light Dark Blue about the Outdoor Education program, and how the practical skills – while undoubtedly important – are secondary to the sense of connection and wellbeing gained from “going bush”. 

Ep 3: Protect and Connect: It Takes a Team, with Adam Bloch, Head of Year 9

What is Protect and Connect, and why does it take everyone — teachers, parents, staff and student leaders— to make this model work? We chat with Adam Block about helping boys navigate the shift between junior and senior schools and the importance of connection during this momentous and foundational time in a boy’s life. 

Ep 2: How to get boys to open up, with Philippa Douglas, Director of Student Wellbeing Programs

From insufficient sleep and tech dependence to body image and friendship issues, the impact on students of today is significant. We talk to the Director of Student Wellbeing Programs, Philippa Douglas, about how the School is helping students to manage social pressures in a healthy way and how parents can support their sons.

Ep 1: Why the Student Wellbeing Program matters, with Rebecca Campbell and Simon Conway

Why has Brisbane Grammar School put so much emphasis on student wellbeing in recent years? In this episode, we talk to the heads of the Middle and Senior schools about the ongoing, school-wide efforts in building connected and resilient young men who are ready to face the challenges of a changing world. 

Light Dark Blue: The BGS Podcast