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A Year 12 Reflection by David Sun
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As his chapter at Brisbane Grammar School closes, Year 12 graduate and Dux David Sun reflects on his remarkable journey and the transformative years which have help shaped him. 

From his tentative steps starting high school to the realisation of life dreams, each chapter of his school experience has been about self-discovery. 

Through his own eyes, David provides us with candid insights and personal reflections, sharing his highs and lows, and discusses the significance of a positive and open mindset in pursing ambitions and overcoming adversity. 

You can read his reflection titled Dreams, Discoveries and Dux of the School here: 

My journey at Brisbane Grammar School began in Year 7, and at that time, I hadn’t really explored what my interests might be. As a student, I performed well, but I didn’t consider myself exceptional. 

However, the remarkable support and motivation I soon discovered within the BGS community – from both students and teaching staff – played a pivotal role in helping me unveil my potential. 

The students were approachable and kind, making it easy to make new friends, many of whom I remain in contact with. This supportive environment played an important role in helping me realise my potential. 

In addition to continuing to play the violin, I joined several school ensembles, as well as the GPS Tennis program. Open to trying new things, I gave volleyball a go and began to participate in the School’s Public Purpose initiatives. Over time, my list of achievements began to grow and would encompass new endeavours. I earned general merit in my earlier years and secured a place in the top BGS music orchestras.  

I was surrounded by standout students in every discipline, and their remarkable achievements motivated me to strive harder and to aim for more. Some of my most memorable moments and ‘firsts’ include being selected for Grammar Chamber Strings in Year 8 and making it into the Tennis A team in Year 9.  

As time passed, my connection to the School grew stronger, and along with it, so did my involvement and love of learning at BGS. 

It’s hard to put into the words the feeling when I was named Dux of Year 10 — something I'd dreamed of since I first started at BGS. This achievement helped me understand and have confidence in my abilities. It has shaped how I approach things today.  

After being named Dux, I began setting more ambitious goals for myself; some of these goals I achieved and others I didn’t, which was okay.  

By Year 11, I was very happy with the connections I’d made at school, and I would look forward to new opportunities that would arise each day.  

I achieved another dream when I became the concertmaster of Grammar Chamber.  

Additionally, I participated in various service activities such as Duke of Edinburgh, Homework Club, the Push Up Challenge and joined the Guide Dogs Youth Ambassador Project Group. These opportunities provided valuable real-world experience I wouldn't have gained otherwise. 

When I didn't secure the title of Dux for Year 11, I used it as motivation for Year 12 – my final and most important year. I was awarded Dux of the School in Year 12, which was my greatest dream. 

Achieving this prestigious position taught me one of the philosophies that I hold dear today: if I set a goal and approach it intelligently with a strong work ethic, I can achieve it over time – no matter how unattainable it may seem in the beginning. 

Reflecting on this past year, I can confidently say it was my happiest. I discovered a systematic approach to handling exam pressure and fine-tuned my organisational skills to help strike a balance between academics and an enjoyable school life.  

During this year, I embraced new responsibilities, stepping into roles like School Prefect, String Captain and leader of the Academic Support Committee. These experiences have played a significant role in shaping who I am today, and the skills I learned along the way will undoubtedly stay with me forever. 

I'm immensely grateful for my journey at BGS and would I happily do it all again. 

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