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BGS French teacher turns author

BGS French Teacher Alison Cleary has published her first children’s picture book called Xena’s Great Adventure. 

The book is based on the true story of Mme Cleary’s cat Xena who went missing for 26 days, in 2022. She was lost in steep terrain off a cliff face, yet somehow survived and returned home.  

“So many people remarked it would be amazing to tell her story, and that is what I have aimed to do in this book. 

“It is a story that shows Xena’s curiosity and determination as well as the importance of friendship, family, hope and resilience.” 

First Nations woman and former BGS Visual Art Teacher Kimberley Kovacevic is the illustrator. 

“It is important also to acknowledge the Wangerriburra people, the original stewards of the Land Xena visited in her great adventure.  

“Like all first Nations people they had a rich history of storytelling, and it is in this spirit that Xena’s story is told.” 

The book is suitable for children aged between four and eight, it and can be purchase online through Ocean Reeve Publications. 

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