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BGS partners with Kangaroo Bus Lines
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Brisbane Grammar School is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to its transport services. After an extensive tender process featuring a competitive pool of applicants, Kangaroo Bus Lines has been awarded the contract as the school's new transport provider. This agreement is set for the next three years, with the potential for extensions in the future.

The decision to transition to Kangaroo Bus Lines was the result of a meticulous evaluation of various factors, including service quality, safety records, and cost-efficiency. Following careful consideration, Kangaroo Bus Lines emerged as the clear choice to ensure the school's transportation needs are met with excellence.

Kangaroo Bus Lines boasts a stellar reputation for delivering reliable and safe transportation services.

“Their unwavering commitment to student safety aligns seamlessly with Brisbane Grammar School's values, and we are confident that they will uphold a high standard of service for our students and staff,” said School Marshal Joe Rodrigues.

"Their proven track record, coupled with their commitment to safety, makes them an ideal fit for our school community."

This change is anticipated to enhance the transportation experience for both students and staff alike. Brisbane Grammar School looks forward to a successful and collaborative partnership with Kangaroo Bus Lines.

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