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BGS STEAM Precinct underway
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Brisbane Grammar School has commenced its most significant infrastructure project in the School’s 153-year history. After seven years of planning, design and research, the School has partnered with BESIX Watpac to build the BGS STEAM Precinct.


The acronym STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics – refers not just to these standalone disciplines but to a way of thinking.

STEAM education instructs students in critical thinking and shifts the STEM concept into the contemporary world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Instead of teaching subjects in isolation, STEAM disciplines can be taught in a way that combines scientific inquiry with technological implementation, engaging the problem solving of engineering, the creativity of art, and mathematical modelling to support students' comprehension and understanding of the real world.

Impact of STEAM

The STEAM Precinct will provide the School with the opportunity to lead education in Australia, differentiating the BGS educational experience from other schools in the country.

Exposure to a collaborative and creative environment where diverse disciplines work together to solve problems will equip BGS students with vital technical and social skills and provide them with a competitive advantage at university and in the workplace.

This is the School’s most substantial project in its 153-year history. When the development is complete, the BGS community will be the beneficiaries of this extraordinary educational venture.

The Steam Fundraising Campaign

Over the School’s history, the BGS community has demonstrated strong philanthropic support. During The Lilley Centre fundraising campaign, the community donated $5.8M to support the construction of the building.

Since it was established, the Bursary Fund has grown to approximately $16M thanks to generous donations.

So far, the BGS community has committed $4.5M of a target of $10M towards the STEAM Precinct. The School is extremely grateful for this generosity and hope to achieve our target.

Donors who have committed funds to the STEAM Precinct have done so by signing five-year pledges – non-legally binding agreements that express the donor’s intentions. Donors can contribute different amounts each of the five years depending on their tax situation, and they only need to notify BGS of the amount they will be contributing in June each year.

Donors are also offered the opportunity to choose a space in the precinct to honour their family name or the name of a loved one.
For more information on making a gift or a copy of the Naming Opportunities Brochure, please contact Inma Beaumont at or 0407 996 794.


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