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Now, more than ever, community is vital.

The health and economic crisis we’re tackling is something none of us have experienced before.

The BGS community has time after time proven to be generous, inclusive and supportive. From family businesses sponsoring school events, to the spirit of parent volunteers, we’ve shown that when help is needed, we know how to contribute.

During this unprecedented, uncertain time, one practical thing we can all do is support BGS families and their businesses.

For that reason, we are offering to promote the goods and services offered by the BGS community to the BGS community. The BGS Together initiative is now live on the BGS website. Please use this resource to support the BGS community. By creating an online directory, we can help each other get through the hard times. 

If you wish to promote your goods or services to the community, please click here

Many of us feel helpless with the news of constant closures and would welcome an opportunity to make a difference. Please use this resource to support the BGS community.

While students are learning online, some parents are working from home, others are working in jobs that must be done in the world outside. We thank all the BGS parents, teachers, students and staff who are adjusting to our new reality, and we know that as a strong community we can overcome these challenges.

Together, we can make a difference.

  • The Grammarian - April 2020

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