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BGS150 Anniversary Mural
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In 2018, Brisbane Grammar School celebrated its 150th birthday. To celebrate the sesquicentenary, students in Year 6 created a beautiful mural as a birthday gift to the School. It was presented to Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr Howard Stack, earlier this year.

During Art lessons with Mrs Karen Hannay, each student designed a leaf that represented their journey in the Middle School.

Located in the Year 5 and 6 Social Space, and symbolising 'community and growth', our boys are reminded of the School Values and how the Middle School is a place to build friendships and to grow through learning.​

With branches representing the School Values, leaves representing the diverse range of opportunities available in the Middle School and birds and animals representing the life and energy of our students, this beautiful mural encapsulates the spirit of the BGS Middle School.​​​

  • Journey - June 2019

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