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In a continued effort to build engagement within the BGS Old Boy network, we have recently started an Old Boy Cycling Group. 

To date, this has been a very casual group of Old Boys looking to expand their network of friends in the Old Boy community, get out for a nice easy ride and find some common interests with a new group of friends. There are just shy of 10 members of the group so far, with a range of ages from recently graduated whippets to much more seasoned riders.  

The group is currently managed informally through a WhatsApp group, which provides a forum for motivated Old Boys to suggest routes and rides and to better coordinate on-the-go when rides are planned. 

We hope to emulate the success and sense of community involvement that the Grammarians Rowing Club have been able to generate over the last few years. Our aim is to build a fun and welcoming network of active members and facilitate informal networking. 

The hope is that the Cycling Club continues to grow in numbers and becomes a fun, social and informal way for Old Boys to get to know some like-minded members of the BGS community. We are exploring a matching team kit for the participants and are hoping that the group names itself over the coming months (GRAMILs and all variations of it has received mixed reviews). 

We aim to get it to a point where there are lots of options each month. If you're interested in getting involved, feel free to reach out to me on 0438 732 839.

Toby Carrigan ‘08
BGS OBA Committee

  • The Grammarian - May 2022

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