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Brisbane Grammar School achieves outstanding ATAR results

The Class of 2020 academic results have been released and Brisbane Grammar School seniors achieved outstanding results, including a median ATAR of 94.60. This median is made all the more impressive with a large cohort of 265 boys. Four students achieved the top rank of 99.95 – an incredible outcome with only 30 students receiving this score across Queensland. A further six students received an ATAR of 99.90.

Other highlights include:

  • ATAR 99 or above was achieved by 16.23% of seniors
  • ATAR 95 and above was achieved by 47.17%,
  • ATAR 90 and above was achieved by 70.57%

BGS Headmaster Anthony Micallef said he was immensely proud of the way the seniors responded to the many challenges of the year.

“The 2020 academic results represent the fulfilment of our senior students’ unwavering focus and effort,” he said. “Nothing in this year has been typical or expected, but the results speak to the sustained focus of the BGS community on practising excellence in everything we do.”

“The degree of buy-in and commitment from the seniors of 2020 has been extraordinary, as these results attest.”

Mr Micallef said high-quality teaching operating within a culture defined by deep thinking and targeted feedback created great academic outcomes.

“We knew that we could provide our boys with the best preparation possible for the new QCE-ATAR system through the kinds of instructional practices and scholarly routines that we know set young men up for success,” he said. “The unforeseen events of this year required teachers and students to shift on short notice to online home-based learning.”

“While our teachers were confident that we could continue to deliver curriculum, what surprised and impressed us was just how quickly our boys adapted to the new modes of learning, exhibiting great maturity and self-regulation. These qualities have seen them achieve extraordinary outcomes. I would like to publicly acknowledge and congratulate all our students and staff on this remarkable achievement in 2020.”

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