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Brisbane Grammar School Records Exceptional 2023 ATAR Results
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The academic results have been released for Brisbane Grammar School’s Class of 2023 who have achieved outstanding results, including a median ATAR of 94.20.  

This median is particularly impressive given our large non-selective cohort of 261 boys.  

Two students achieved the top rank of 99.95, and three students received an ATAR of 99.90.  

Other highlights include: 

  • ATAR 99 or above was achieved by 13% of the cohort 

  • ATAR 95 or above was achieved by 46% of the cohort 

  • ATAR 90 and above was achieved by 65% of the cohort 

Brisbane Grammar School continues to be the leading school in Queensland in terms of academic outcomes, with consistently high results reported across every cohort since the introduction of ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) in 2020.  

Headmaster Anthony Micallef commended the Class of 2023, highlighting that the School’s pursuit of excellence across all areas contributed to the strong results achieved. 

“Their outstanding ATAR results speak to their hard work and commitment this year, but also to the culture of excellence fostered over many years at Brisbane Grammar School.” 

“We endeavour to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all Brisbane Grammar School students enabling them to develop a sense of belonging and maximise their potential,” Mr Micallef said.  

“The exceptional ATAR results of the Class of 2023 were made possible as a result of a strong academic culture, high cocurricular participation, and a core focus on student wellbeing.” 

ATAR data is only provided to the School by QTAC with the consent of students. Each year, more than 95% of BGS seniors agree to share their ATAR results, providing a high standard of reliability in the School’s published results. 

“The level of transparency in ATAR results offered by our students only reinforces their pride as a cohort and for the school.  

“In the classroom, our teachers promote a culture of deep thinking complemented by targeted feedback to create successful outcomes. We recognise that the relationship between parents, teachers and students is vital as is the focus on building a strong partnership between home and school.” 

“We see it as our mission to bring out our boys’ talents, widen their interests and develop their personal qualities. We aim to cultivate integrity, embrace creativity, encourage teamwork and promote an open mindset.” 

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