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​​​​​Broadening Horizons and Fostering Development
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In the BGS Middle School, boys are encouraged to fully engage in all aspects of school life and to pursue their personal best in a challenging, motivating and fun environment. Complementing our rigorous and innovative Academic program is our Cocurricular program, where boys engage in physical activity, stimulate different parts of their brain and strengthen their relationships, in turn nurturing more effective learners.​

Our vast cocurricular offerings span across the sporting and cultural areas, also incorporating a variety of special interest clubs. We strongly encourage wide and varied participation in cocurricular activities during the middle years to provide boys the opportunity to broaden their horizons and to foster their holistic development. It is not unusual to see a BGS boy arrive at school with his cricket bag in one hand and his musical instrument tucked under the other arm.

​From Year 5, boys compete in the Great Public Schools (GPS) competition in different sports each term. BGS boys proudly wear the light dark blue to represent the School. A sampling of the sports on offer include tennis, rugby, football, basketball, gymnastics, rowing and fencing. Two popular activities among our Middle School boys are chess and debating, where ability levels range from beginner to advanced.

The Music program caters for a wide variety of abilities. Students are invited to audition for various orchestras and ensembles to match their performance level. Throughout the year, parents are invited to attend concerts where our young performers shine.

For the thespians, the Middle School hosts a dramatic production each year. Rehearsals are currently underway for 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and the boys will take the stage in August. Previous productions have included, AladdinPeter Pan, and High School Musical to name a few.

A range of interesting clubs allows boys with similar interests to come together to explore their hobbies and make new connections. From Cooking Club to Superhero Club, boys are encouraged to explore the range of activities on offer.

Popular among the Middle School boys are our 'make groups', including 'The Shed', coordinated by our Design department, Robotics Club, and Stop Motion Animation. Here the boys combine their creativity, technological and design skills to build, create and innovate.

Recently, boys participating in The Shed designed and made their own wind chimes, and last term they created their own wooden puzzle. Future opportunities for those who find their passion in these areas exist through clubs such as Mechatronics and Computer Club.

Middle School is an exciting place for our youngest students to grow and flourish. We invite you to visit us on Open Day on Saturday 20 July to see firsthand the range of opportunities on offer.​​

Rebecca Campbell
Acting Head of Middle School

  • Journey - June 2019

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