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BGS teachers shine bright as finalists in the Australian Education Awards
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BGS teachers shine bright as finalists in the Australian Education Awards

Congratulations goes to Brisbane Grammar School teachers Mrs Crystal Thompson and Ms Stella Gardner who have been announced as finalists in the annual Australian Education Awards today.

Part of being named as finalists means Ms Gardner and Mrs Thompson have also received an Excellence Award to honour their passionate and perpetual push for a better educational experience, while making a meaningful contribution in the lives of their students.

The annual awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements by top performing schools, principals and teachers across the country.

Year 7 Teacher Mrs Crystal has been recognised for her contribution to the Public Purpose Program at the School, as well as being nominated for Secondary School Teacher of the Year.

Her commitment to helping each student reach their academic potential while also recognising their responsibilities as global citizens is what has secured her place as a finalist in the Secondary School category.

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School David Carroll said Mrs Thompson’s leadership in Public Purpose has had a significant impact at BGS.

“Under Mrs Thompson’s guidance, the Public Purpose program has expanded, and new initiatives have been successfully implemented that have increased student engagement and inspired our students to take an active role in their communities,” Mr Carroll said.  

Ms Stella Gardner, from the Middle School, has been announced as a finalist for Primary School Teacher of the Year. The nomination shines a spotlight on her achievements in nurturing young minds through her innovative and research-driven teaching practices. 

“Ms Gardner poses questions to encourage critical thinking, so that she and her colleagues can continue to refine what it means to be an expert teacher,” Mr Carroll said.

“As an advocate of cooperative learning, she ensures her students are learning resources for each other, which builds positive relationships between her student and teacher, and creates a fun and supportive classroom environment.”

Find the full list of Nominees and detailed announcement here. 

The winners of the Australian Education Awards will be announced at a special ceremony in Sydney, on 11 August 2023.

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