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The importance of Drama at school
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Research collated by National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE) demonstrates the profound impact educational experiences in drama and the arts can provide.

Students develop higher-order thinking skills, are more capable socially, have an increased sense of confidence and wellbeing, are better able to express themselves, and develop critical skills such as collaborating, problem-solving, and empathising. These are traits that the world’s most influential businesses are actively looking for in prospective employees. Our Middle School Dramatic Productions provide all of these benefits.

However, what that research does not capture is the magic that happens in a rehearsal room, the joy when a spontaneous idea takes flight, or the pride one feels when an older actor takes a younger boy under his wing and mentors him. This is a team environment, and we have witnessed casts who have developed bonds that last far beyond their time at school.

Over the past few years, our dedicated team of teaching artists have created original scripts designed exclusively to foster the talents of our Middle School students. These shows are crafted with strong moral messages at their core, promoting the importance of valuing every voice, being brave enough to follow your passions, and caring for those who may be less fortunate than you. Because scripts are written with our context and students in mind, we are able to facilitate large ensemble casts featuring students from Years 5 to 8, where all students involved have the opportunity to experience the magic of live theatre.

Jeffrey Lewis
Acting Assistant Head of English | Middle School Dramatic Production Director



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