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Economics students take to the sharemarket in ASX Game
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Over the past 10 weeks, BGS students have participated in the 2023 ASX Schools Sharemarket Game.

Students from Year 11 Economics, and a further 180 students from Years 9 to 12 were provided with a virtual $50,000 cash balance to buy and sell share in any of the 300+ nominated ASX listed companies. 

Participants traded their portfolios in real-time using current market prices and paid brokerage for each trade.

"Through engaging in this game, students were able to develop their knowledge of the sharemarket and learn how to research companies, discover the importance of wise investment decisions, and gain a greater knowledge of economic and world events," says Mrs. Megan Marshal, acting Head of Economics at BGS. 

Navigating a period of volatility across the broader markets was tricky for some as the ASX responded to repeated reports about high inflation and worries of global recession. 

"We saw the leader board being topped by syndicates taking a hold and wait strategy.

"These students chose to stick with companies that were performing well with some of the best investments being gold stocks, consumer and capital goods, consumer staples and pharmaceuticals and even mining companies," Mrs Marshall said. 

"We hope students have learned many valuable real life investment skills in the process."

Year 10 student Vishnu Kangatharan placed first for the School (and 16th in Queensland) with a final portfolio value of $59,277.54.

Ryan Khan (Year 12) placed second and Stephen Kyprios, Christian Fuller, Nathan Lau and Jonathan Minchinton (Year 12) shared for third place for the School.

Congratulations to all teams who actively participated throughout the 10 weeks of trading. 


Vishnu Kangatharan and Mrs Megan Marshall

Mrs Megan Marshall and Vishnu Kangatharan (Year 10)

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