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2021 BGS Foundation Day

From the Headmaster | Anthony Micallef

Each Foundation Day, we commemorate and celebrate Brisbane Grammar School’s achievements, past and present. It is our opportunity to consider the students, staff and parents who contributed to 153 years of BGS history. Some of the School’s most influential past teachers and leaders are remembered with the presentation of Old Boy scholarships.

Brisbane Grammar School’s unrelenting mission of a liberal tradition is a major part of its success. A history of academic prowess, sporting and cultural feats and a steadfast desire to produce good men has defined this school’s pursuit of excellence since 1868. We are very much the benefactors of our history and the forebears of the future.

At this morning’s Foundation Day Assembly, we heard from BGS Old Boy Peter Psaltis as our guest speaker. He works as a sports commentator and is currently part of the team of lead NRL callers for the Wide World of Sports on Channel 9.

Peter gave an inspiring speech on the importance of aiming high. He encouraged BGS boys to dream big. Peter also explained that while it is valuable to draw inspiration from others, it’s best not to copy them but instead be the best version of yourself.

I have enjoyed watching Peter’s journey from a member of my English class and Tennis team to a public identity in the sporting world.

We also presented major scholarships and bursaries to students who recently graduated with distinction and to young men beginning their BGS journey.

The awards honour the service to the School of three men who did much to endorse and sponsor the qualities of character and learning that the School has always regarded most highly. I refer to Reginald Heber Roe, Arthur Stanley Roe and A. J. Mason. Between them, the three contributed a total of 120 years of service to BGS.

Congratulations to:

  • William Hay – R.H. Roe Scholarship
  • Lewis Luck – A.S. Roe Scholarship
  • Alex MacGibbon – A.J. Mason Scholarship

We also honoured Joseph Gabriel Nowlan, who taught at BGS for 37 years and worked for the Old Boys’ Association for 40 years. The winner of the J.G. Nowlan Bursary for 2021 is Callum Deacon. Callum is also a recipient of a Trustees Scholarship.

Another historical award is the Frank Shaw Bursary. It is awarded to a boarder who performed well on the Scholarship Exam. Well done to Gus Harris.

We presented the Trustees’ Scholarships for 2021. The Scholarship Certificates were presented by Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr John Humphrey. Congratulations to: Keeran Chang, Harrison Corser, Callum Deacon, Eugine Erng, Max Gao, Ziqing Luo, Rishi Mehta and Jake Parker.

These young men have a key responsibility in setting an example of good scholarship. I urge them to practice that leadership actively by being curious learners and supporting other students.


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