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Protect and Connect launches at BGS
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A spirited game of Tug-of-war, an adventurous scavenger hunt and a good old-fashioned sausage sizzle, helped launch our latest cultural project initiative, Protect and Connect (PAC) to our Middle School last week. 

Led by our Student Wellbeing team, PAC aims to foster a school culture of protecting and connecting our boys, through creating a safe and supportive environment where all students feel valued. Protect and Connect covers three topics; Bullying Prevention, Respectful Relationships and Healthy Sexuality, and Student Leadership Development. 

Head of Middle School, Rebecca Campbell emphasised that PAC represents one of the School's most significant efforts in promoting social awareness, highlighting our commitment to a holistic education that goes beyond academics: 

“Protect and Connect aims to equip students with the knowledge and tools to become respectful young men who value friendships, champion inclusivity and diversity and contribute meaningfully to their communities," Ms Campbell explained. "Through PAC, we aim to empower our students to become responsible and compassionate individuals, well-prepared for success in all aspects of life." 

Protect and Connect will become an intrinsic part of the BGS experience, shaping students and fostering a supportive and inclusive school culture. 

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