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From Landscaping to Sanitising
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BGS Old Boys Jack and Will Martin '09 are making headlines for their ability to rapidly pivot their business to offer professional sanitisation services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pair’s commercial landscaping business, Martin Brothers, service high-end clients in the property, construction, tourism, and hospitality sectors, along with BGS. Older brother Charlie Martin '08 has recently joined the business as Managing Director.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they identified a gap in the market that would not only aid in combatting the health issue but provide ongoing employment opportunities for their current team and many others.

Adding a new service line to the company, Martin Brothers Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), a portion of their existing workforce was retrained, and a major recruitment drive undertaken to implement their environmental sanitisation services in line with the Australian Government’s COVID-19 IPC guidelines.

The Martin Brothers IPC business focuses on environmental sanitisation of highly frequented communal areas, including doors and handles, handrails, lifts, bins, bike racks, elevators, storage rooms, letterboxes and intercoms in properties.

The IPC offering complements their clients’ existing cleaning service schedules, to add a further layer of protection against COVID-19 for businesses and their communities.

Martin Brothers IPC are currently working with businesses in the aged care, hospitality, education, commercial, residential and mining sectors.

Not only have the entrepreneurial brothers been able to keep their original 50 staff, they have also hired 50 more. They are now looking to expand nationally in the coming weeks, creating up to an extra 150 jobs.

Martin Brothers IPC has received more than 6,000 job applications within its first week of recruitment, with many workers coming from the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Will, Jack and Charlie are excited for a strong future for the company with both ongoing service lines of Landscape and Construction as well as IPC services.

Nine BGS Old Boys are part of the Martin Brothers IPC initiative, including Mark Martin ’79, Jack Martin ’12, William Martin ’09, Charlie Martin ’08, Ian Martin ’82, David Martin ’89, Max Hinton ’13, Mitch Van Deurse ’10 and Harry Baxter ’09.

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