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GPS Indigenous Round – BGS Year 11 student Ngailu Thompson in focus

The BGS First XI Football team takes on TSS in the GPS Indigenous Round at Northgate tomorrow. Year 11 BGS student Ngailu Thompson will feature in the Firsts and took time out of his busy week to tell what Indigenous Round means to him.

Name? Ngailu Thompson

Age? 16

What age did you start playing football? 7

Favourite Footballer? Cristiano Ronaldo

Favourite football experience? I really enjoy football tours and competitions – anything that involves time with the team.

What have you enjoyed most about your experience in the BGS First XI this season? The BGS Football Camp on the holidays at Northgate was a great way to come together as a team prior to the challenge of the season.

What are you most excited about for this weekend’s fixture against TSS at Northgate? This week, we have a chance to prove ourselves in front of our home crowd, which means a lot to us as a team. We have had a few away games recently at Ipswich and Nudgee, so it will be awesome to be back playing at Northgate.

As a proud, young Indigenous man from North Queensland, are you looking forward to Indigenous Round this Saturday? It will be a game I remember forever, and wearing a pair of commemorative Indigenous socks this weekend means a lot to me. Although it’s something small, it gives me a sense of identity and makes me feel recognised for who I am and what I stand for within the BGS community. It’s good to see Indigenous culture being recognised in the GPS sporting system, and I will wear these socks with the utmost pride playing for both my people and my school.

What role will football play in your life once you graduate from BGS? What lessons have you learned this season that will help you with this? Football has played a major role in my upbringing, teaching me lessons on the pitch that I can embed into my own life. This season has taught me that when the going is tough, that’s when your true colours really show; it has taught me to keep going no matter what. Our team values are built around trust, accountability, resilience and courage and I know that if I live these values, not just understand them, then I will be successful.

Finally, when you score on Saturday, do you think you will celebrate more like Tim Cahill and take on the corner post, or Cristiano Ronaldo with the jump pirouette? If I score this weekend, I will celebrate with my team then run back to halfway as usual and continue playing the game.

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