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Rowing – the new Cycling?

Tired of taking your life into your hands every time you set out for a ride on Brisbane roads? Feeling it in your hips, knees and ankles after pounding the pavement during your morning jog? Bored with staring at the wall of the gym as you complete your daily workout? Keen for a bit of head-to-head competition? 

At the Brisbane Grammarians Rowing Club, we offer an alternative exercise regime for Old Boys. It involves an exercise routine that builds core strength, flexibility and cardio fitness. It avoids the dangers of cycling and the impact on joints associated with running, and it all takes place on the spectacular waterways of South East Queensland and beyond.

During the season, we target a number of regattas offering different challenges. These regattas are largely run in South East Queensland (Brisbane River and Lake Wyaralong near Beaudesert) but also at other locations such as Maryborough, Murwillumbah, Longreach and Melbourne. The races can be as short as 1000m or as long as 21km. The major event on the calendar is the Head of the Yarra in Melbourne. Held in late November, 270 eights from around the country gather to charge up the 8.5km course at 10-second intervals from the City to Hawthorn, taking in 135-degree bends, narrow bridge spans, regular blade clashes and some pretty decent rowing (and celebrating).

We currently have a membership of 35 and row out of the Rowing Queensland shed, located next to the BGS Rowing Shed. We share the shed with the Vikings (Churchie Old Boys), Redlegs (State High Old Boys and Girls) and Brisbane Rowing Club. Along with the Old Collegians (BBC), we form the ‘micro’ clubs that nip at the heals of the behemoths – Toowong, UQ and Commercial. It is a competitive but very welcoming community. We have a fleet of Sykes eights, fours, and pairs, and a couple of Wintech Sculls.

We have the capacity and desire to take on new members. We are set up to provide an induction into the club, and several experienced members (including coxes) are willing to take you out for a trial. So if you are interested in returning to the water, please contact me at or Allan Craft at to register your interest.

Finally, and most importantly, our shed culture is one of the best aspects of belonging to the club. For those of you who are former rowers, you will remember the exhilaration of working in harmony with other crew members to get the boat moving as fast as possible and the bond that creates between you all. The social side of the club is very important, and we aim to include a number of events throughout the year, where families can join us to make the experience as a member complete.

So come on down and give us a try. We don’t mind a tight racing outfit either!

Angus Blackwood ’83
Brisbane Grammarians Rowing Club Chairman


  • The Grammarian - May 2021

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