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In Pursuit of Excellence | Head of Middle School Rebecca Campbell
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Brisbane Grammar School has launched a new tagline, ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’, to capture the DNA of the School. Learn what the new tagline means to Head of Middle School Rebecca Campbell.

The pursuit of excellence in the Middle School is about boys striving for personal bests in a range of endeavours that capture and enrich their hearts and minds.

In these crucial years, as boys transition from Primary to Senior School, we expose them to a range of different experiences so they can explore their passions and interests and find what truly motivates and inspires them.

Middle School is a time for boys to develop positive behaviours such as persistence, resilience, and self-regulation. The aim is to lay the foundations for their growth as independent thinkers and global citizens who take responsibility for their own learning and place in their communities.

We want every student to set personal goals and strive every day to achieve them – whether in the classroom, in cocurricular activities or their contribution to the wider community. Our school value endeavour encapsulates this beautifully.

We often talk to boys about competing with themselves, not each other. The collective strength of pursuing individual best entices others to step out of their comfort zone and strive for improvement. While we focus strongly on academic endeavour, we equally value pursuing excellence in the quality of young men who journey through our Middle School.  We want our boys to be excellent scholars as well as men of strong character.

Our teachers, too, are committed to the pursuit of excellence. We engage in professional learning teams and use data to inform and improve our practice. While we value the importance of tradition, we are constantly seeking to innovate and improve. Middle School teachers work collaboratively and support one another to ensure the best possible outcomes for our boys.

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