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Laying the foundations with Art
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The new BGS STEAM Precinct, open in early 2023, recognises the importance of art and creativity in complex problem-solving. STEAM education is a vehicle to learning that incorporates Art into STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – education as an access point for inquiry and critical thinking. Consider the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, who was a man for the ages in breaking down these very same boundaries. 

In this ever-changing world, no matter what the profession, creative thinking is greatly valued for finding imaginative solutions to complex problems at the local, national, and international level. 

All professions require foundational knowledge, and each has its unique problems that require higher-order thinking and creative merging of different disciplines. Visual Arts provides the perfect foundation for this creative, higher-order thinking. 

A well-designed art education can break down or reshape barriers between disciplines that might be hindering a student’s potential.

The BGS Middle School Visual Arts program recognises this opportunity and has developed a curriculum that helps our young men develop their creative potential and unlock their problem-solving skills.

We encourage boys to explore their creativity and open their minds to new thoughts, ideas, feelings and solutions to space, place, and time. 

We integrate our progressive Visual Arts curriculum into our boys' education through diverse academic and cocurricular activities, including drawing, painting, photography and ceramics. It is exciting to watch our youngest artists in Year 5 fully immerse themselves in creating animal totems for their social space while witnessing the pride of our oldest artists in Year 12 as they showcase their final exhibition in the Great Hall.

The backbone of our Visual Arts program is an inquiry question for each year level. The Middle School inquiry questions are listed below. 

How can you use visual conventions to communicate ideas about yourself through artworks?

How does science allow artists to represent the hidden wonders of the natural world using different perspectives?

Is there a relationship between popular culture and fine art?

How do artists use the concept of 'journeys' to inspire art-making?

The creative arts have the power to transform people, transform conventional thinking, and in turn, transform communities and culture. Taking thoughtful risks, engaging in experiential learning, working collaboratively and problem solving in a thoughtful community of learners are the skills our young men need now and in the future.

Amanda Stuart
Teacher of Art


  • Journey - July 2021

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