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Written by Old Boy and podcast host Harry Clarke ’07 

I couldn’t think of a better way to reconnect with Brisbane Grammar School than by hosting the School’s exciting new podcast project, Light Dark Blue.

Having graduated in 2007, regrettably some 15 years have passed since I have set foot on the school grounds, but doing so over recent weeks with the job of interviewing a cast of the School’s world class educators has been wonderfully fulfilling, both professionally and personally.

For Light Dark Blue, I’ve worked with the Learning Organisation Team to host and record interviews with school leaders, teachers, and several students to explore exactly how BGS is educating its young men of the future.

There are 10 episodes to be released over consecutive weeks in Term 3 and 4. The series is aimed to inform parents about the intriguing, progressive, research-driven programs being delivered to BGS students of the modern era.

Listeners will learn that far more is happening for the boys during the school day than lessons on Mathematics, Science, English and History. Through initiatives such as Effective Thinking Cultures, Learning Conversations, and Consolidation Period, students are being challenged to deeply consider the type of learners they are, and to improve their ability to learn, so that they can apply themselves to the curriculum in the most productive and effective way possible.

Indeed, at BGS, ‘learning’ has become a school subject in itself.

During the introductory episode, Headmaster Anthony Micallef warned that, in interviewing the School’s expert staff, I’d be encountering a great deal of “edu-speak” as they explained their approach to teaching.

Our aim with Light Dark Blue is to help parents understand the “edu-speak”, to create a new avenue for teachers to communicate with parents, and to help parents engage and assist with their sons’ learning as it occurs at school and in everyday life.

I’d like to thank the BGS community for involving me in this podcast project. It’s been a privilege. It’s good to be back.

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